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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

NIV Faith Girlz! Bible

Let’s face it, boys and girls learn things in different ways, and this Bible puts the emphasis on how girls learn.  It uses the standard NIV for the Scriptural text, so I won’t be commenting very much on that, other than to say that it is a very popular English translation of the Bible, and it is very easy to read, and is appropriate to the age being aimed at for this Bible... the tween girl.

Bibles by theme like this are all about the additional notes.  The ones added here are perfect for a young woman in her tweens (9 to 12).

There are notes called “Dream Girl” that plays on the imagination, and asks questions to try to get girls to think about what something in Bible time would have been like.  It goes through a story, and puts it in modern novel-like structure.

“Bring It On!” is a kind of self examination quiz.  It asks a question about how the girl would behave in a certain situation and gives them three possible answers.  Then on the next page, based on the answer they chose there is a scripture reference to look up to guide them in that choice.

“Oh, I Get It!” is a set of notes that expands on items in the text and uses modern biblical scholarship.

Each book of the bible has in introduction.  This kind of thing is pretty much standard in bibles today.  They contain a  who wrote the book, when it was written, where it takes place, the main characters (Cool Characters), Bad guys to watch for, the main point of the book, and how it connects to the rest of the bible.  This kind of thing is really important for studying the Bible.

“Treasure This!” suggests certain verses that would be good for memory.

Part of the Bible is that we can identify with some of the characters, and either learn from their mistakes, or follow after their successes.  “Is There a Little (Insert Character Name) in You?”  These are little summaries of some of the people throughout the Bible, with some key traits from their life.

“In Your Own Words” is a way for a girl to test her understanding of a Bible.  Basically, she would read the story, and then choose three words to summarize it so that she could tell it to someone else later.

The layout and composition of this bible is all done in pinks and flowers and flourishes.  I did find it interesting to read some of the more serious subtitles that the NIV has, be written in pink.  Truth be told, other than the lack of appeal to a boy reader because of all the pink, a boy or a girl could learn a lot from all of the notes.

This is definitely a bible for the tween girl today, and I recommend it for anyone looking for a bible for study for the young tween lady in their life.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this bible by B & B Media Group for my review.  I was free to review it as I saw it.

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