I have been given the opportunity to do some reviews on some books from a few different publishers. Some of them do not quite fit into the focus I have for Living Infuzion, but obviously have some good information. Here are some of my perspectives on some pretty good books! Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Not In The Heart by Chris Fabry

This is the story of Truman Wiley, a middle aged man run down by life. He has gone from being a world-renown journalist, to being a washed up gambler consumed with the grief of life. He is indebt over his head,hiding from a loan shark and now homeless. He has abandoned his wife, college-aged daughter and teenage son. His son has been gravely ill all his life, and now needs a heart transplant to live. He receives a call from his estranged wife that could be the opportunity of a lifetime. A man sitting on death row wants Truman to write his story. He claims he is innocent and wants people to know the truth once he is dead. He also wants to donate his heart to their son. Truman reluctantly takes the job beliving the man is guilty. But as he writes the story things don’t quite add up and he begins to have doubts about the guilt of this prisoner. This is where the conflict of the book lies. Should Truman write the story as it has been told in the courtroom, and allow the man to die to save his son, or correct dig deeper and expose the real killer?
I enjoyed this story very much. The characters were real and I could identify with their feelings and thoughts. Truman Wiley wrestles with ideas and thoughts that are tough issues to resolve, and his own experience facing a decision for Christ may not happen as you expect. In the writing style Mr. Farby does most of the book from the perspective of Truman, but some of the chapters are written from the perspective of other characters which created an interesting dynamic to the experience of the book.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that loves digging into the truth and all the struggles that go along with that process.

I was given a complimentary advanced reader copy of this book by B & B Media Group for review purposes, and I was not required to write a positive review.

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