I have been given the opportunity to do some reviews on some books from a few different publishers. Some of them do not quite fit into the focus I have for Living Infuzion, but obviously have some good information. Here are some of my perspectives on some pretty good books! Enjoy!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dallas and the Spitfire By Ted Gluck and Dallas Jahncke

“Dallas and the Spitfire: An Old Car, an Ex-con, and an Unlikely friendship” by Ted Kluck and Dallas Jahncke is a book that came to me as I was looking into a kind of discipleship structure for men.  I really got a lot out of this book and highly recommend it to anyone that is looking to create disciples.

It describes the relationship that builds between two men Ted, a pastor, and Dallas, an ex-con and new Christian.  They connect over their interest in cars, and work together at restoring the Spitfire, and it all leads through to Bible college and developing the ex-con turned Christian into a strong, committed man of God.

The structure of the book, and the tone are very much a narrative, and an easy read.  It just goes through the story of where Dallas came from, and where he is headed.  It also tells the story of where Pastor Ted came from, and you can see that these men are total opposite.

Occasionally there are inserted sections written by Dallas that really shows how much God has done in his life.  He goes through some of the trials of being a young man with no parents, and his road through drugs and crime, and his time in prison.  All through the terrible part that he lived through had God’s hand on it, and he has had the chance to use his life to lead others to Jesus.

The thrust of the book is that discipleship should be built on relationship.  If we look to Jesus as our example he didn’t have a Bible school, or a set curriculum, or anything like that.  He lived how the Father wanted him to.  He built relationships with people to the point where they would see what he said as true and reliable. 

The book had some great points, and is definitely worth reading for men that want to make a difference in the lives of other men that want to follow Jesus.

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