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Monday, March 12, 2012

Flirting with the Forbidden (Finding Grace in a World of Temptation) By Steven James

Steven James uses his skill as a storyteller to dig into the thoughts and reasons of some significant Biblical characters.  Of course, there is some artistic license used in telling their stories, but from what I saw, the thought processes that he writes are very plausible for their situation.  I know that sometimes I look at people in the Bible and see them as these people that don’t make mistakes, and that they don’t struggle with sin and temptation.

The one that stood out to me most was the one about Joseph, and just the way he struggled with temptation to commit sexual sin.  In my life I see situations where men obviously don’t care about sexual purity, but I do.  I really strive for it.  As someone in ministry, it is something that I have to do as a commitment to God, and as covenant to my wife, and as an example to other men.  I have always liked the Joseph story, but never saw all the little things that should have been like a flag of warning.  It does appear that Joseph was conflicted about this temptation.  It seemed like he was saying “no”, but providing the opportunity for “yes”.

Mr. James then provides practical advice based on the things that are described in the story sections.  He looks at things like how to resist temptation, bitterness, disappointment, and each section leads in with a scripture just to give the reader some context. 

I think this is a really great book.  I think that in a culture that seems to think there is no such thing as sin, that Flirting with the Forbidden is timely and can begin to show people how they actually are before God. 
Here are some thoughts from Steven James:

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