I have been given the opportunity to do some reviews on some books from a few different publishers. Some of them do not quite fit into the focus I have for Living Infuzion, but obviously have some good information. Here are some of my perspectives on some pretty good books! Enjoy!

Friday, August 3, 2012

7 Truths That Changed the World – By Kenneth Richard Samples

I saw this one, and I was reminded of a book I read several years ago called “7 Men Who Rule the World from the Grave”, and I thought this sounded like a similar kind of book, so I requested it.  I got the book in the mail and then read the sub-title: Discovering Christianity’s Most Dangerous Ideas.  Very Intriguing!

This is a book about defense of the Bible, but more importantly how 7 key ideas of the Christian faith have impacted our culture and how they continue to impact our culture.  As someone that has been into apologetics for a long time, I saw some similarities to books I have read in the past, but Samples takes the ideas of common use, and then adds new insight into them based on objections coming out of the current culture.  One example is the Lord, Liar or Lunatic argument made famous by some of the greats.  Samples takes this argument and provides some other options to list, and then (of course) refutes the objection.

Some of his “Dangerous Ideas” are:
·         Not all dead men stay dead - where he addresses the importance of the resurrection of Christ.
·         God walked on earth - where he looks at the implications of Jesus being fully God and fully human.
·         A fine-tuned Cosmos with a beginning – where he looks at the idea of the creation of an intelligent God.

He also addresses some of the ideas of atheism, moral right and wrong, how people are different in creation, and (probably the most common objection I have run into), and why is there suffering in the world?

Because of its well-structured layers, this book is excellent for the beginning apologist, or a person with doubts in their faith, but it is also a good reference for the Christian used to dealing in these topics.

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